Creative Challenges.

Every month we think up and vote on a theme which inspires us to create Art, Music, Poetry, Photography, Film and more. Our goal is to promote positive content and white well being for our people.

Traditional Christmas

Current Theme

European Inventions

October 2021

Let's celebrate Christmas this year by reflecting on what it means to truly enjoy Christmas. How did our ancestors celebrate this festive time of year? This is no longer a 'Challenge' but a Contest...

So get in to the festive spirit and see what you can come up with. Top entries will be features on the PA Christmas end of month stream!

Get Involved

If you're Creative and want to represent your European Nation then please get involved by taking part in our monthly Art Challenges. We hold our Arts Community to a high moral standard, as we strive to reflect the best of our people and set the standard for all nationalist.

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