Illuminatus 03 - Poem

His Story

Prometheus gave us fire
The white man did the rest
Pandora’s box was opened
He stood up to the test

Maths, medicine, philosophy
Without the aid of books
Mechanical devices
The Greek Man laid the roots

The Roman months were counted
With numerals He carved
Arced aqueducts and viaducts
And roads laid straight to war

A darkness from the deserts
Descended on our lands
Our scribes they kept on scribing
Beneath the slavers’ hand

While low-keeled drakens plundered
The Christians’ woven gold
Lodestones guided Vikings
The English furnace flamed with coal

Stirrups, lances, chain-mail
To bolster the Crusades
At home the masons flourished
In cathedrals and arcades

Ocean worthy carracks
Spread print across the earth
But only white men used it
And colonies they birthed

Renaissance and remembrance
Lost wisdom now unearthed
Saw art and culture flourish
And science was rebirthed

Industrious, the white man toiled
In cities, factories, mills
The useful things He gave us
Too numerous for this tale

Imperial inventiveness
Technology gave light
Photography, genetics
Then to the skies in flight

His genius was mechanised
His will, a fatal flaw
And all that He had wrought before
Was hijacked into brothers’ wars

Wars ended with a thousand sons
The sound broke in the air
Space flight and computers
But will it all end there?

By Illuminatus

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